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Ebay Income

RRP $19.95

Anyone can learn the ins and outs of eBay with this new book from Atlantic Publishing Group. They have spent a year putting together this exciting new book for all those who want to join the ranks of millions of users who are selling on eBay.

EBay has changed the way products and services are purchased all over the world. Daily, over 1.5 million online customers and providers log on to bid and sell virtually anything that can be bought or purchased. Recent statistics show that eBay sellers are estimated to have posted $22 billion in sales. There are businesses earning $1 million a year selling products on eBay today. It is estimated that more than half a million people make full-time incomes through only their eBay business. EBay also allows you to run a business that requires no advertising costs.

EBay is a level playing field. It doesn't matter how old you are, what your nationality or income level is, whether you already own a business, what your background is, or where you are located. You can start making money on eBay today!

The bookstarts with a complete overview of how eBay works. Then, you are guided through the whole process of creating the auction and auction strategies. This book includes tips on photography, writing copy, text and formatting, managing auctions, shipping, collecting payments, registering, About Me pages, sources for merchandise, multiple sales, programming tricks, PayPal, accounting, creating marketing, merchandising, managing e-mail lists, advertising plans, taxes and sales tax, the best time to list items and for how long, international customers, opening a storefront, electronic commerce, Buy It Now pricing, keywords, Google marketing, and eBay secrets. This book includes everything you will ever need to begin making money on eBay!

Supercharge Your Startup!

RRP $13.99

If you are thinking of starting a company or are looking to re-focus your existing small business, this is the book for you. In 5 easy steps you will learn to focus your vision, hone your plan, and build a powerful yet simple financial model. Starting and running a company need not be complicated! This book shows you how.


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