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Venture Capital

RRP $381.99

Venture Capital. A Euro-System Approach covers a wide spectrum of topics. These include: how venture capital really works, the relations between venture capital, corporate banking and stock exchanges, market trends in Europe and the US, legal issues related to the creation of venture capital firms and closed end funds, and finally regulatory and economic policy issues. The book is based on a strong link between a rigorous methodological approach and real world best practices of venture capitalists - thanks to a team of contributors formed by both academics and professionals of various fields.

Capital Market In China: Volume 1

RRP $296.99

How will China's latest series of reforms affect the country's growing Capital Market? The Capital Market in China: A 60-Year Review, in 3 volumes, serves as the definitive resource on understanding and navigating China's capital market. Both a history and a guide, the 3 volumes of this set explain the methods of state investment and intervention in China, the development of asset-backed securities, and the substantial differences and striking similarities between the capital markets in China and the West. Cao Erjie, banking industry expert and former Investment Investigator at China Construction Bank, shares inside information and firsthand insights on the creation and evolution of the capital market in China. The Capital Market in China: A 60-Year Review offers a frank assessment of the state of the industry and: Explains the methods of asset depreciation and fixed-asset upgrading in China Examines corporate mergers and acquisitions in China Reveals the progression of China's venture capital funds Illustrates equity and bond financing in China Details shareholding reform and enterprise asset restructuring in China Provides real examples of how the capital market works in China

Venture Capital And Private Equity A Casebook 5e

RRP $75.00

The 5<sup>th</sup> edition of Lerner's <i>Venture Capital and Private Equity: A Casebook </i>continues to present the important historical cases of private equity while incorporating a number of new relevant and timely cases from previous best-selling issues. It includes more cases relevant to the texts four main goals: understanding the ways in which private equity firms work, applying the key ideas of corporate finance to the industry, understanding the process of valuation, and critiquing valuation approaches of the past and present- an approach which has proved very successful over the past four editions.</p> <p> This casebook contains cases and notes designed to provide an understanding of the history of the private equity industry's development and the workings of the industry today. By explaining the industry on a case-by-case basis, this text promises to address the critical question of whether gains made in recent years have been sustained and how firms will respond to the current opportunities and challenges.&nbsp;</p>

Old Testament Adventures

RRP $19.99

This early reader activity book takes families through some of the most well-known stories of the Old Testament. Discover more about Noah and the flood, the Battle of Jericho, David and Goliath and more familiar stories through puzzles, mazes, matching games, fill-in-the blank, discussion questions, prayers, and more! Perfect for jump-starting family worship discussions or for kids (ages 5-8) to explore on their own.

India's New Capitalists 2008

RRP $343.99

In order to do business effectively in contemporary South Asia, it is necessary to understand the culture, the ethos, and the region's new trading communities. In tracing the modern-day evolution of business communities in India, this book uses social history to systematically document and understand India's new entrepreneurial groups.


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