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Capital Market In China: Volume 1

RRP $296.99

How will China's latest series of reforms affect the country's growing Capital Market? The Capital Market in China: A 60-Year Review, in 3 volumes, serves as the definitive resource on understanding and navigating China's capital market. Both a history and a guide, the 3 volumes of this set explain the methods of state investment and intervention in China, the development of asset-backed securities, and the substantial differences and striking similarities between the capital markets in China and the West. Cao Erjie, banking industry expert and former Investment Investigator at China Construction Bank, shares inside information and firsthand insights on the creation and evolution of the capital market in China. The Capital Market in China: A 60-Year Review offers a frank assessment of the state of the industry and: Explains the methods of asset depreciation and fixed-asset upgrading in China Examines corporate mergers and acquisitions in China Reveals the progression of China's venture capital funds Illustrates equity and bond financing in China Details shareholding reform and enterprise asset restructuring in China Provides real examples of how the capital market works in China

The Growth Of Venture Capital

RRP $251.99

The venture capital (VC) industry plays an important role in nurturing entrepreneurship and innovation, and its role varies from country to country. The six countries whose VC industries are analyzed here are the United States and Canada, whose VC industries are mature; Sweden and Denmark, which have established small but successful VC industries; and Israel and Turkey, whose experiences demonstrate the state of the young VC industry in transition economies. The analysis is based on the four main determinants of the VC industry: sources of financing, institutional infrastructure, exit mechanisms, and entrepreneurship and innovation generators. In addition, the special role of VC financing in the biomaterials industry is explained. Understanding the factors that contribute to the emergence of a successful venture capital industry is important for academics, VC associations, policy-making institutions, government agencies, and investors themselves. How can a country's venture capital infrastructure give it a competitive edge in the global economy? What is the role of VC in the new economy? How have VC industries developed differently in different countries? Are there any lessons for successful VC industry development that can be applied across nations and cultures? How do you measure the maturity of a country's VC industry? The editor and her contributors attempt to answer all these questions, among others. She concludes by offering policy suggestions for countries aiming to establish thriving VC industries of their own.

Venture Capital

RRP $381.99

Venture Capital. A Euro-System Approach covers a wide spectrum of topics. These include: how venture capital really works, the relations between venture capital, corporate banking and stock exchanges, market trends in Europe and the US, legal issues related to the creation of venture capital firms and closed end funds, and finally regulatory and economic policy issues. The book is based on a strong link between a rigorous methodological approach and real world best practices of venture capitalists - thanks to a team of contributors formed by both academics and professionals of various fields.

Adventures Of A Mad Sixth Grader

RRP $12.99

A Play in One Act This is the scripted version of the original book. Life sucks, especially if you are Frank who is a 6th grader, and a mad scientist that loves to experiment with everything. Frank's experiments usually get him into trouble, but this time he is positive his latest experiment will solve all of his problems for good. Will Frank's experiment do as predicted, or will the experiment backfire in his face? If you love producing/reading Screenplays with a crazy, adventures, wacky sense of humor, this Play is for you. This Play is perfect for middle school and high school students to preform. The Play is about 45min long. The script is complete with a list of character list, set list, properties list, and set suggestions.

Capital Punishment In The United States

RRP $259.99

Both sides of the highly charged capital punishment debate in the United States are examined in this breakthrough collection of 112 key documents, arranged by historical period. The political and social aspects of the debate are represented through a wide range of documents, including congressional hearings, Supreme Court decisions, position papers, biographical accounts, and news stories. An explanatory introduction precedes each document to help readers understand how various and seemingly unrelated social, economic, and political factors have impacted public attitudes, legislation, and judicial decisions pertaining to capital punishment. Vila and Morris provide us with the historical and ecological framework in which this centuries-old debate has unfolded. This volume is organized into six parts, each one representing a different time period: Colonial Era to Independence, 1800-1917, 1918-1959, 1960-1976, 1977-1989, and the 1990s. The documents provided in each part trace the history and development of the debate, chronicling the ebb and flow of support for the death penalty during different periods in our country's history. Special attention is paid to the effects of particular events in history-the American Revolution, the Great Depression, and the Civil Rights movement, for example-on the ever-changing opinions concerning capital punishment. The representation of both sides of the debate found in these documents will encourage and challenge students, policymakers, and concerned citizens to examine their own viewpoints and draw their own conclusions on the capital punishment debate.


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